VI. Queerskins

This is a piece that really got to me. On one hand, regarding the aesthetics and the design, on the other, the topic and the emotional value. Queerskins tells the story of a young gay man who has passed away. Layer by layer, we uncover his story. And that was exactly what this reading experience felt like: peeling away the facades to go deeper and deeper into the life of a fictional character – except the fictionality seemed to become less and less obvious. It reminded me of the feeling when a very good novel is finished and you go online, trying to make the story continue as long as you can. The facettes of the story are lain out beautifully in an installment of videos and text. There is really not much more to say about it, except that this is how you should tell a multimedia story – incorporating all the bits in equal weighing, making them seem like homogenic parts of one big impression.

For my own E-Lit piece, I realize now that I failed to elaborate on it in my last post. Therefore, that is what I am going to do now. I have already mentioned that I want to write about filter bubbles, but failed to say how. I would really like to experiment with storytelling while exploring this multi-dimensional topic. Since my coding skills are limited, I would actually like to focus on the content first and then consider how to make the story accessible in the best way. That is why the next week will be dedicated to finding a story I want to tell. The basic premise is: at the beginning of the piece, there will be a choice of who the reader is – either, I want to ask about gender and age and go from there, or I will create a few characters with specific features. Either way, the choice at the beginning will determine which side of the story will be presented to the reader. I realize that this topic is incredibly broad. The big challenge will be to find the balance between conveying a bigger message and telling an interesting story. However, I am very excited to get started.


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